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CCC to Enhance Trade Relation with DPRK Chamber of Commerce

H.E Ri Myong San, Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) had a meeting with Neak Okha Kith Meng, President of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC), at the head office of CCC on July 26, 2011. H.E Ri Myong San said that it is his first time to Cambodia. He observes that there are a lot of big projects going on. This reflects the great leadership of Cambodia government. Those great successfulness and achievements are not solely for Cambodian people but also for Korea people because our countries have long been a friend since the King Sihanuok regime. Cambodia and Korea have a strong tie political relation. However, he noticed that the economy and trade relation are not improvement yet. In this respect, he would like to enhance the relation between Cambodia Chamber of Commerce and Korea Chamber of Commerce. Officially, he invites CCC delegates to visit Pyongyang this August or September, the time the weather is good and Cambodia delegates could take this opportunity to relax and enjoy sightseeing with the beautiful nature of Korea. He also proposed to have an MOU for trade cooperation between CCC and Korea Chamber of Commerce.

Neak Oknha Kith Meng, President of CCC, warmly welcome Korea delegates. He said it is a great pleasure to discuss and have trade cooperation with Korea. He admired the great development of DPRK up to this point. He once went to DPRK in 1988-1989 during the courtesy visit King Sihanouk at his Palace in Pyongyang. He agreed with H.E Ri Myong San to arrange Cambodia business trip to Pyongyang. CCC will work through DPRK Embassy for detail on sectors and number of companies planning to visit.  CCC will also work on MOU between CCC and Korea Chamber of Commerce for trade cooperation.

After the meeting, business delegation accompanying H.E Ri Myong San had a business matching with CCC members at the Sunway Hotel. The delegations consist of various sectors: medical, agriculture, irrigation system, machinery, metal…etc.  In addition to seeking for the partners in relevant fields, the delegations need to import rice from Cambodia.