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JTEC talk with CCC about E-waste

Mr. FUSE Makoto, Senior Consultant of Japan Telecommunications Engineering and Consulting Service, met H.E Nguon Meng Tech, Director General of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC) on June 21, 2011 to explore business opportunity on electronic waste (E-waste) treatment. Mr. FUSE Makoto said that this project focus on three countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. There is a successful case in Indonesia where PPLI, E-waste company, dominances the market. In case of Cambodia, from his view point there is a potential opportunity in E-waste business although the population is not as much as in Indonesia. This purpose of this meeting is to survey the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) market situation of IT equipment in Cambodia.

H.E Nguong Meng Tech welcomes the good initiative of JTEC and said the E-waste concept is new to Cambodia. The implementation of this concept would benefit not only a company running this business but also for the population of Cambodia as a whole. Cambodia Chamber of Commerce will support this idea by raising awareness among members and help to match Japan investor with potential partner.