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H.E Nguon Meng Tech, DG of CCC, Meets with Director of ARMONIUS GROUP From Uruguay for Exploring Business Environment and Import-Export Opportunity in Cambodia

H.E Nguon Meng Tech, Director General of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, had a meeting with Ms. Fabiana Traveieso González, Director of Armonius Group from Uruguay on December 18, 2013 at the head office of CCC. The meeting is held to explore business environment and find opportunity to import-export Cambodian products.

First of all, Ms. Fabiana Traveieso González said that her company is settled in South America and operating in the MERCOSUR area. After conducting an extensive research looking for new providers in Asia, she concluded that Cambodia has an enormous potentiality, and that today almost no products “made in Cambodia” reach the region, apart from garments from world-class fashion companies. Within a period of staying in Cambodia, she found some interesting products to be imported such as craft, silk, natural products and so on. Besides, she is interested in contacting, through CCC, a number of companies with certain features could eventually comply with exporting procedures demands. At the same time, she said that it is her pleasure to give CCC information regarding South America and she would like to invite Cambodian delegates to visit South America for business purpose.

In response, H.E Nguon Meng Tech said that CCC is a representative institution of private sector in Cambodia. Therefore, it is very useful for you to visit CCC for references. Usually, all foreign investors seeking trading partners in Cambodia come to consult with CCC and use CCC directory as business guidance. In regard to importing-exporting process in Cambodia, there are not many difficulties because the Ministry of Commerce has been trying to eliminate all obstacles to facilitate the business transaction, encourage foreign investors and promote business environment in Cambodia. Moreover, many training on Certificate of Origin and Self-certification are provided to concerned staff to facilitate importing-exporting process.

Finally, H.E Nguon Meng extended his appreciation to Ms. Fabiana Traveieso González for having an interest in Cambodia products and market. CCC is always welcome and gives assistance to all investors for future cooperation.