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Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce Invites Cambodia Chamber of Commerce to the Malaysia-China Trade and Investment International Conference

A Malaysia delegates led by Mr. Kerk Loong Sing, Vice-chairman of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, met H.E Nguon Meng Tech, director general of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, on March 23, 2011. The purpose of the meeting is to invite members of CCC to join the Malaysia-China Trade and Investment International Conference on September 9-11, 2011. This conference is to explore the 1.9 billion market in ASEAN plus China. This event is also co-organizes by ASEAN Summit Secretariat. Mr. Kerk Loong Sing said Malaysia would like to see more participation from CCCC and its members. On behalf of the organizer, he also would like to seek for a permission to put CCC’s logo as a supporting origination for the event.

H.E Nguon Meng Tech agreed to have CCC’s logo as a supporting organization and promised invite CCC’s members as many as possible to participate in this event. In addition to that, he said Malaysia investment to Cambodia used to be number one in Cambodia recent year. Now, it comes to number three or number four. In this respect, he has encouraged Malaysia investors to invest more in Cambodia in potential areas such as agriculture, health, and education. Cambodia is good at agriculture products but it could not export due to limited capability in processing technology. This includes fruits and rubber processing. For health care sector, Cambodia is in need of a good medical care. Cambodia people travel every year outside the country for medical checkup and treatment. It would be a great opportunity for Malaysia companies to set up a high standard hospital in Cambodia. That way, they could attract those local to be treated locally instead of spend time and money going to other country. Education sector is another big growing profit sector where Malaysia should come and invest. There are a lot of successful cases, including the Turkey school in Cambodia. Moreover, the strong point of Cambodia is that it is in the center of ASEAN and has an opened and friendly investment policy for FDI.