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ASME Singapore to establish office in Phnom Penh

A delegation of Singapore Association of Small and Medium Enterprise (ASME) had a meeting with H.E Oknha Loch Sareth, Vice President of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce and representative of Neak Oknha Kith Meng, President of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce; on July 20 2010. Mr. Bryan Tech, ASME’s CEO said that the main purposes of his visit this time in Cambodia were: (1) to identify the office location in Phnom Penh, (2) to talk to business partners, and (3) to recruit the local personnel for the newly established office. He believed that by establishing physical office in Phnom Penh it would play a vital role in matching up Singapore businessmen with Cambodia’s businessmen. Cambodia is rich in national resources. Singapore is rich in infrastructure and know-how. We should make best use of those resources. Mr. Bryan Tech emphasized that once the office has been set up, ASME would focus on three sectors namely food processing, service, and education. To enhance the successfulness, he would like to work closely in cooperation with Cambodia Chamber of Commerce for selecting trusted partners and for identifying business potential areas.

H.E Oknha Loch Sareth thanked the delegation for their intention to set up office in Cambodia and for the future cooperation with Cambodia Chamber of Commerce. He briefed the delegation on current situation of the three focused sectors. Cambodia Chamber of Commerce is pleased to help out finding good office location in Phnom Penh and selecting partners for Singapore businessmen. However, Singapore businessmen need also to make their own judgment on their potential partners.