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SK Networks explores business potentials in Cambodia

Mr. Eung Sung KIM, vice president for global leadership development program of SK Networks, came to have a meeting with H.E Nguon Meng Tech, director general of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce at the head office from 14:30 to 15:30. Mr. Eung Sung KIM would like to know the business potentials and the general situation in Cambodia. SK Networks is interested in oil exploration; and palm, sugarcane, and rubber plantation and processing.

H.E Nguon Meng Tech said, “There are a lot of business potentials in Cambodia. Investors who came earlier have already enjoyed with their investments.” Investors should invest in Cambodia because we have political stability, and geography and demography advantages (located in center of Asia and has young labor forces in the age of 22 years old). The Cambodia Chamber of Commerce recommended three potential sectors: agriculture (irrigation system, crop selection, rice milling, and agriculture product processing), tourism (especially Siem Reap and the last destination in Sihanukville thanks to fully functioned airport), and small scale manufacturing such as plastic production. H.E Nguon Meng Tech said that SK Networks could get started by obtaining the license from Cambodia Development Council (CDC) to run it business in any Special Economy Zones where one-stop service was being implemented. Regarding land for plantation, the concession is available for 85 to 99 years.